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Hi there. My name is Karol Pokojowczyk and I've been working as a Mixing Engineer and session musician since 1999, I’ve worked with established and up-and-coming clients. Whether I’m working on songs, advertising materials or just about anything else, I’m passionate about delivering incredible sound. My years of experience and high-tech equipment, not to mention my artistic vision, ensure that I can always deliver. Click the button below to order a free sample of your song mixed and mastered using my analog gear.


It's all about the Sound

Get highly acclaimed British sound

David Bowie, Pink Floyd, No Doubt, Metallica could have not been wrong when using a professional large-format 32 channel + 24 bus Trident 80C, British analog mixing console.

Metallica, Guns N' Roses, David Bowie and others can't be wrong

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We're famous for having 4 Chandler Curve Benders, full Mastering strip and many other classic gear


Lots of premium and vintage guitar amps and speakers to choose from with a simple switch of a button


From classics like 1959 Les Paul, 1959 Junior through 1964 Firebird to unique custom Performance Guitars


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I have a unique approach to what I do and use my best-in-class technology to carry out my artistic vision. Using a mix of old-school and modern equipment, BRIT Sound, Hollywood is all about creating new sounds that evoke emotion with every beat. From video work to music, and everything in between, I’ll take responsibility for your unique sound needs.



3 days turnaround, unlimited stems, 2 revisions

Upload stems online and receive a radio-ready mix and mastering of your song.

Per song:




3 days turnaround, unlimited stems, 2 revisions

Upload stems online and receive a -6dB mix of your song.

Per song:




3 days turnaround, 2 revisions

Upload your mix online and receive a radio-ready master of your song.

Per song:



Book the Studio with a producer in Hollywood, CA


Mixing, Mastering and Recording hands-on lessons $250/hr

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Mixing, mastering or music production consultation with the rock music producer.

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Discover Guitars

Discover sound and nuances of premium and vintage guitars.

4hr Recording

4hr recording session. Track live drums, bass, guitars, vocals or synths. 15+ pro mics to choose from.


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